mardi 29 juin 2010

World’s Most Expensive Cities 2010

-1 Tokyo
-2 Oslo
-3 Luanda (Angola)
-4 Nagoya
-5 Yokohama
-6 Stavanger (Norway)
-7 Kobe
-8 Copenhague
-9 Geneva
-10 Zurich
-11 Bern
-12 Basel
-13 Libreville (Gabon)
-14 Helsinky
-15 Moscou
-16 Paris
-17 Abidjan
-18 Abuja (Nigeria)
-19 Tel Aviv
-20 Seoul
-21 Stockholm
-22 Jerusalem
-23 Kinshasa (RDC)
-24 Vienne
-25 Bruxelles


The cost of living in cities
Mar 10th 2010 | From The Economist online

PARIS is the most expensive city to live in according to the latest survey from Economist Intelligence Unit, a sister company to The Economist. The survey assesses the cost of living by comparing housing, food, clothing, transport and utility bills and the like in 132 cities around the world. Tokyo comes second, up from sixth place a year ago. The fall in Russia's currency against the dollar has made Moscow cheaper than it once was.

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